How To Prevent Conflict With Your Roommate


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Separate Everything
This is the most important thing if you have to live with stranger. Write your name on your foods especially  the one you put in the fridge, cabinet or any other place that both of you could freely access. Separate your bills too, rent payment can be divided half and half because it has the same amount every month, but electricity and gas mostly up and down depends on how much you waste them, take a bit of time, do some calculation with your roommate.

Set The Rules
You hate rules, I hate rules, everyone hate rules, but for each other convenience, you really need to obey rules. Make a deal with your roommate. Respecting each other privacy and such thing, dont force your roommate to follow certain things. About hygiene, make it simple, decide who clean what and when. Make it as detailed as possible. Make sure that you both agree with the rule.

Dont Get Too Involved
She just broke up with her boyfriend, send her encourage message and give her some chocolate, if she doesnt stop crying, thats not your fault. Never feel like you have to do stuff for her, you are not their parents, you dont have responsibility to make her happy all the time. Just mind your own problem, you already have plenty.

You Before Anyone
Before you help your roommate, make sure you have enough for yourself, and make sure your roommate under those circumstance where they ‘really need your help’. And remember, if you help them, they dont always help you back, thats the risque, my advice, if you do it half-heartedly, better not to do it at all.

Reminding Each Other
If they acidentally broke the rules, you shouldn’t just stay still, bickering shit behind her back, worse if they found out from other person that you just back stabbing them, that petty stuff could turn your beautiful day into nightmare. If they broke the rules, be blunt! say it! You are there not to argue, make it as nice as possible, so they won’t get offended. But sometimes people don’t apologize for their mistake, and logically you dont need their apologize, you just need them to stop breaking the rules. I mean, its better than the one who keep apologizing but still breaking the rules.

Ask For Permission
Before you invite your friends or family, make sure you ask your roommate first, because its not only your house, its their house too. If they say no, dont do it, if they say yes, make sure you dont make too much mess. Or if you do, clean it imediatelly.

All of them might sounds mean to some people, but living with roommate is not the same as living like newlywed couple, or staying together while having so much fun in a short time like pajamas party, you are two goddamn stranger who live together because you just simply can’t afford the whole house for yourself.

PS : Sorry for any grammatical and spelling mistakes. English is not my first language.

– AraLee


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