My ‘Love & Hate’ Relationship With This Country


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I know I’m being too critical with my own country, that if my neighbour read my post I will get ‘scolded’.

“Our anchestors died to defend this land. If you dont contribute anything just dont act like you can change anything.” Thats not how they exactly said, but thats how they exactly mean. They pretty much want my opinion to be kept under the shadow, since its taboo for a women to be too critical over politics.

Indonesia is a lovely country, and even the worst side, are not as bad as other countries.
I mean we have a certain place that considered as ‘the homeland of thug’ but thats not as bad as Detroit in the USA.
We also have friendly-climate, even the extreme peak of weather will never hurt you.

Talking about environtment, unlike Singapore or Myanmar, we have everything here, but we just dont know how to maintain it, I dont want to mention ‘what’ because I dont want to get mad.

And the way government choose to do this over that, they dont want to go detailed on revealing things. But then I remember North Korean. My country automatically become 200x better in the term of government transparency.

We have dictactor and most corrupted President figure like Mr Soeharto, but still Kim Jong Un is the worst. Mr Harto didn’t told us to hang his picture in every household, and he never told people to worship him. And who the fuck held an election with only one candidate just for the sake of formality? What a born psycho.

My country loves to do recycle, we use unused old clothes as a rug after rug it become a mat, after mat it become a mop. We made handycraft out of residual plastics from many product. We save alot of trees by not using toilet paper. And not printing banners ‘save trees’ on the paper.

But the government… I almost have nothing to be proud of them. But again, we never hates our Prez like Americans hates Trump.

And we are widely known for having the most Muslims resident in the world, yet we never be as fanatics as middle-eastern.

So my country is never in the extreme side of everything. Thats why I’m having a ‘love & hate’ relationship with it.

– Ara Lee


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