Why Beyonce Is So Overated

Lemonade… Lemonade’s everywhere 😆😆😆
In some point I dont really get it, why people are so obsessed with Beyonce 😁

Repeatedly telling that she’s flawless,


Yes, her song is flawless

meanwhile me be like “What and which part is flawless?”
They’re like.. “Errthing bout her is flawlessss. You won’t get it unless you are a die hard fans of her.”


You’re right, I dont quiet get it. I mean shes pretty, yes she’s talented.. I used to be a die hard fans of her songs too, But there are alot of good looking singer out there,  why is so difficult for other singer to be standing in her spot? 👑

I guess its luck. And some Jay-Z help. 💸💸💸

No doubt, her songs are the best, one of my favorite is 11/12, its a very addictive sounds for an Asian like me (?)

And this time is #Lemonade ..
I still dont nailed it yet but.. I’m here to celebrate


Lets pray For Beyonce who’s blessed with luck, hope her luck doubled(?) this time with that ‘Lemonade’.
And for other singers too.


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