What Indonesian People Dont Understand About American Culture


1. Where are your natives gone?
Why Indian are so hard to find? Even in America.

2. You Think Big Butt and Big Lips are sexy?

Why? We just don’t get it.. Dat ass look too heavy to carry 😒

3. Seriously tanned skin is the best? Why?
I know Indonesian people are racist in common, we usually laugh at person who’s appear with a darker skin, while that person usually dont take it seriously and prefer laughing along with us. Anyting is funnier in my country.
I’d try a couple time to remind my friends that what they just did its  inappropriate and called racist.. But they don’t get it. So I give up 😁
For American is racist. For us is joking, but hurts.
I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

4. We also got Donald Trump in Indonesia
And he’s called Farhat Abas. Everyone hates him. Once he’s appeared in TV, my grandma almost throw controler straight to the monitor. When I first saw Donald Trump on the internet, I almost hit my computer with my bare hand.
Why DT are so similar to FA? Why they want to be the president? And why both of them are so annoying?

5. Why Peoples are so profesional? And why people never smile at another people?
When they work, even the pay is  a shit, they still manage to be professional.  When they walk, they are always in a hurry, and don’t even care about who’s just passing, I know its called strangers, and ‘strangers is not their business’ except its Taylor Swift or Beyonce.

6. Why Is Your Bullying Scenes Are so Intense
Like locking a tottal innocent dude in the locker? Seriously?
Bullying in my place is just no way, its exist but its pretty much rare.
There is a rule, if you are smart or rich or popular but you didn’t respect your friend, you will get ignored for your entire live. We dont like throwing a fist too. But we usually fight with the kid from another school.

7. Why USD is really that matter
Why not Poundsterling? They got a higher exchange number

8. Why Is allowed to have a child before married?
In some cases, only rape survivor and underaged sex usually suffer the unwanted pregnancy. Sex in the College is pretty common right now, even in my country, but still..married while you are already have children is a big no (except that child was from your previous married) Abortion is prohibited AF, same as cocaine and any other drugs.

9. Why School and Parents only told their child to wear protection?
Even some school give free condom for their students, thats insane.
And parents also not an option….
“Mom, I wanna have sex tonight.”
“Okay.. Just don’t bring home no baby.”

Indonesian people be like ⊙︿⊙
And Indonesian Mom be like ಥ⌣ಥ “You are not my child anymore.

When you consume drugs, or alcohol, or having sex before married.. You’re labeled as disgusting trash in my  country. But when you do all of them.. They wouldn’t even want to breath the same air with you.

10. So you think we are exotic?
Good news.. We also think that you’re exotic  (¬_¬)ノ

11. Why is only two English version in the world, UK version and American version?
While alot of countries are putting English as their first language, so why only two version of English? And why one of those should be America?

12. Why is Latino’s mindset are similiar to Javanese in Indonesia?
The way they disciplined their kid, the way they watch telenovela and sinetron, the way they believe in superficial things.
Why? Just why? I can totally relate when watching ‘Pero Like’ while I’m not even Latino 🙄


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