Unpretty Rapstar Quotes






“We are not a team! This is a competition.”
– Jessi’s best quote ever!!


“Some call it music, I call it life. I didn’t choose it, music chose me.”
– Jessi

“I keep us classy, but I’d slap a bitch if I have to.”
– Jessi dissing Lil Cham

“They all seems like a sly foxes to me.”
– Jessi

“You think you are funny?”
– Jessi diss Zico



“I’m sure this going to be tiring because it’s all girls.”
– Cheetah

“What others do, doesnt fit my taste.” – Cheetah

“My ideal type is someone with more sex appeal than me”
– Cheetah (My Type Track)

“A bastard who pulls my hair so I can’t even look at other guys.”
– Cheetah (My Type Track)


“Jidam could have had a stronger presence, but right when Jessi came out, Jidam get lost.”
– Jimin



Tymee (kebetulan belakangnya ada JollyV)

“You dont avoid shit because its scary. You avoid shit because its dirty!”
– Tymee talk about JollyV


“It’s just a tragic set-up by the God, with a sense of humor.”
– Tymee

“This thing called time, I think its scary.”
– Tymee


[Tymee diss JollyV]

“You said that I sell my soul to sell music
you know it well
yours is music that doesn’t sell.” – Tymee (From Your Bitch) diss track for JollyV

“You can’t be a bitch
you can’t do it
it’s not that you aren’t trying.
you can’t do it!”
– Tymee (From Your Bitch) diss track for JollyV

“I found out you’re 24 years old. I thought you were an ahjumma** (old lady)
I was surprised by your face.
This bitch that’s 5 years younger than me acting like a know-it-all.”
– Tymee (From Your Bitch) diss track for JollyV

“My cookie is prettier than you. My neighbor’s dog is hotter than you”
– Tymee (From Your Bitch) diss track for JollyV

“Fuck you pig”
– Tymee (From Your Bitch) diss track for JollyV

Dan setelah dua tahun saling sindir -,- mereka akhirnya
Selfi bareng -,-

Gimana kalo lu foto sama orang yang udah ngatain lu Babi, tai, jalang dan sebagainya ~


“Jidam is like the nicer version of Jessi. What should I say?”
– Tymee saat ngomentarin performance Jidam


“Only paying attention to the aspects of what you like about yourself makes you arrogant.”
– Tymee


Show me the money

“I dont think shes at the level where she can do battle with me. Its make me feel low.”
– Tymee talk about Jolly V


“Just because I’m a rapper, it doesn’t mean I can’t feel sadness.”
– Tymee

“Whether we apologize to each other and manage to get along later on, the fight’s history can not be undone.”
– Tymee (talking about dissing as a rapper)

“Some people have the tendency to think the lyrics were directed to Jolly V, but it was actually a combination of people who had been getting on my nerves throughout the show.”
– Tymee



“I dont find opponent not even one, to be honest if I were at the age of unnies I’d be a rap genius.”
– Jidam ( perform with Jessi)

“A kid that got lost at the beginning.
She’s too young to face the world.” – Jidam (On&On Track)

“When i was taunted by the other kids,
Because of my dark skin,
Tasha’s “Black Happiness”, comforted me.” – Jidam *Jidam dibully karena warna kulitnya dulu agak gelap*


“From that time i started to learn hip hop.
Yes, it’s my only real friend.”
– Jidam (On&On Track)

“The reality is that though i told the truth, but the truth got buried by lies.” – Jidam (On&On Track)

“They dare to blame God.
They dare to blame their mistakes on others” – Jidam (On&On Track)

“If i died, they would understand me” – Jidam (On&On Track)

“I believe in myself,
Cause everything’s gonna be alright.” – Jidam (On&On Track)

“Whatever others say
This is me. look at me.
cause I’ve got something real in me.” – Jidam (On&On Track)


“I put away everything that looked like a nightmare.
It’s the passing fee that brings me one step closer to my dream.” – Jidam (On&On Track)

““show me the money 3” didn’t bring me fame.”
– Jidam (On&On Track) *Yuk Jidam pernah juga ikutan acara Rap(?) ‘Show Me The Money’ tapi dia gagal*


“I’m spitted on by the people passing by. Shed my tears? No.”
– Jidam (On&On Track)

“I just know this by now,
everybody just believed what they believed. This is a world that wont care whatever i said.”
– Jidam (On&On Track)

“They pretended they didn’t know me when i gave up on myself.
They pretended to know me when i stood up again.”
– Jidam (On&On Track)

“What hurts the most are the lyrics that disappeared from my mind. The audience became cold. My lips became dry.”
– Jidam (On&On Track) *Yuk Jidam sering lupa lirik pas perform*


Jessi, Tymee, Jidam

“I hate to fall down, especially in front of those i love.”
– Jidam (On&On Track)

“Because I believed in myself, I wasn’t afraid, I was confident”
– Jidam (Stayed Up All Night Track)

“If you have time to hate on me, look at yourself” – Jidam (Stayed Up All Night Track)

“You rap for how many years and your mornings are always the same”
– Jidam (Stayed Up All Night Track)

“This sense doesn’t make any sense”
– Jidam (Stayed Up All Night Track)

“Did I learn this? No, it was passed down to me
My talent can’t be ignored”
– Jidam (Stayed Up All Night Track)

“In order to jump over the limit. I battle myself every day” – Jidam (Stayed Up All Night Track)

“The way Yook Ji Dam lives is so intense” – Jidam (Stayed Up All Night Track)

“I rap like I’m crazy
Who are you to judge me” – Jidam (Stayed Up All Night Track)

“Can anyone actualy beat Jessi unnie? You can feel her presence.”
– Jidam yang percaya kalo Jessi itu nggak terkalahkan


Jace : But since this is the first mission (of me) I’m going to go easy *dengan nada meremehkan*

Jessi yang kaget langsung noleh kearah Jace
Jessi : You cant go easy here

Lil Cham : Honestly, Jessi isn’t even a rapper.

Jessi : My job is a singer. I sing

Jessi : Lil Cham is supposed to be a rapper, but shes worse than me.

Jessi : Thats make me go “What the fuck?”

Unpretty Rapstar Season 2



“In my mind, Im the first place!”

“On the outside they talk as if they are concerned. Being fake getting you far in life?”

– Yezi saat perform Crazy Dog


“You are fake from head to toe.”
– Yezi dissing Sua

“You has no manners or skills, stop blaming YG because you are just suck!”
– Yezi dissing Sua

“The way Jessi unnie looking at Yubin unnie . . . I saw heart.”
– Yezi



“Congrats for getting here after being fired from JYP. But . . Do you want me to tell you why you get fired? Figure it yourself!”

– Yubin dissing Hyorin



“My parents wished me, to be an ordinary college student. But I disobeyed.”
– Heize (ep 2)


“I stayed up all night rapping. No one belived in me. Nobody.”
– Heize (Ep 2)

“If I said I want to make music. Adults laughed at me.”
– Heize (Ep 2)


“I want to show you. Mom are you watching? For her dream, your daughter is walking in that direction.”
– Heize (Ep 2)


“Chase your dream before you chase fame.”
– Heize (Ep 8)


“Hyorin has alot of fans. I dont want to fight with her.”
– KittyB

“If it wasnt for music. It would have been a horrific story. Just breathing without a heart?”
– KittyB (ep 2)

“Infused my soul into karaoke mic.”
– KittyB (ep 2)

“Unnie’s feels sorry. . But I will have to send you on one way trip to hell first.”
– KittyB to Heize (ep 2)

“I want to get that live, that everybody dream of.”
– KittyB

“They say I need to step on others to get to the top.”
– KittyB (Ep 7)

“They said I need to play dirty to suceed.”
– KittyB

I’ll update soon

– Deb


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