My School : SMKN 1 TEMPEL


How I describe my beloved SCHOOL :

Its called SMKN 1 TEMPEL, its for bussines management only. There is 3 departements thats are, accounting, office administration, and marketing. My school had 3 grade, grades 10 to 12, and every grade have 2 to 3 classes.

The building are not that big, kind of small but its large, we have canteen facing the library or behind teachers parking area, the foods in the canteen are variable, have nice proportion and kinda cheap, the only problem is we have not enough space, there is just 4 seller and isnt separated, even worst because all of students have the same break time, so if you want to buy something you should deal with the crowd, push pull and being pushed and pulled is a common things.

We also have auditorium in the center of the building, its have permanent stage, if you are facing the stage your left side would be computer lab, and marketing practice room, and your right side just some ordinary class rooms. The auditorium is used for many kind of event, usualy if the attendees more than 20 students, but recently a few classes used the place because our school didnt had enough room.

We have enough toilets, so in daily activity we dont need to stand in line or queued up waiting for our turn, just sometimes in a very rare event that include one night stay, we need to be patient standing in a line, in those kind of event we are brave enough to use the male toilet, (dont worry we just have 3 males students)

We have 3 parking areas, one is connected with basket ball lap, one is behind the canteen (teachers only), and the last in the backyard, the largest and maybe placed near Mushola in purpose, so at Friday it can be used for routine Fridays prayer.
Student are prohibited to drive a car, we only allowed to bring motorcycle or bicycle to go to school.

We also have library, its medium sized and have 3 rooms inside, open at 07.15 am in the morning, and closed at 3.00 pm except in Fridays and Saturdays (closed earlyer), we have 3 libraryans there. Many student used to think that one of the libraryan are scary, I think shes not scary, shes just being protective with the books, is reasonable.

We have mini garden and there was planted many kind of fruite and plants.

Almost every class room door are facing the garden, so if we start to feel exhausted its refreshing to just look outside trough the window and watch the scenery.


SMKN 1 TEMPEL mini garden

About the system, we used to moving class because our school had limited class room.

The extracurycular, we can only choose one because we have no time left, plus we are forced to join Girl Scouts every weeks.

This is the stritches school i had ever been attend, almost everything is ruled, our nail, ponytail, ear piercing, shoe colour, accesories, underwear colour, even our shock length, and i dont know what so wrong with less than 15 cm, its gave me nothing but a nerdy look.

And its burdening when you are the one who always had something wrong (being famous as rulebreaker is not a good thing) thats gave you bad image.
Come on, this is what im comfortable with, i have reason and we need to be more expresive in our style.

I dont regret it, but I should just attend art school before.

Beside on those ridiculous rules,luckily the teachers are kind hearted, we have so many teachers there and dominated by female, (of course our head master also female)

About the culture,
There is always 3 or more students and a few teacher that was standing in front of the gate every morning, you can not just walk and passed by, you need to do hand shaking and say ‘Assalamualikum’ one by one if you are Muslim, and ‘Good Morning’ if you are non Muslim.

By the way we called them a sympatic team,  all of the sympatic team told us to be polite and applying 5S at daily routine. We know 5S is a must for our school, but few of sympatic team dont do it right, they told us to do it but many of them do not even smile (That is why many student really avoid sympatic team by entering school through parking area.)

In todays day our school used Kurikulum 2013 instead of KTSP, school started at 7 and ended at 03.30 pm many pros and cons appeared, many teachers arguing about those system and we as the main victim, still waiting for a miracle , what can we do about K13? The only thing we can do is accept, and do our best.

That was my school in my point of view, thank you for the attention.

Here I’v some pictures of my classmate.


Being forced to watch the graduation reherseal -,- H-1

I took it secretly, So its became like that -,-


Sneaking from the reherseal

Because we were so bored. #Sneaky and we hide under the table.


Food Bazar

This was my fave one.


Accounting 1 Food-Stand

With our senior from second grade 🙂


Still them ~


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