My Newest Classmate

This is something, that was actually unecesarry -_-
But i dont know why, I really want to write about my newest classmates, their personality, and behavior and how to be friend with em. Some of them really had a strong personality but some other just become shadow because they are usualy quite and expresionless, so it could be wrong, as my opinion going on CMIIW


You can call her ‘Risa’, she has the strongest personality among us, she was born in July 1999 (doesnt excatly known the date) shes much much much younger than me -_-
The first impreson i got from her, first shes kinda harsh, she can be hot headed sometimes but actually she is kind hearted, she love to talk with sarcasm tone (thats why shes smart) and I also love sarcasm, but i tend to control my tone better than her (shes too damn blunt and witty) so i cant stop laughing because our mindset were literaly the same.
Unfortunately, shes those kind of person that you didnt realy want to mess up with, once she hate she will hate it forever. And her best quality were : honesty, humorous, kind, and brave
If you want to be friend with her, you need to be brave and you need to have good sense of humor, she dont realy like someone who is too shy.


Shes ‘Bu Hajah part II’
shes competitive competing with her is like you were competing with robot, she will never ever ever give up, shes goal oriented, score addict, kinda greedy, perfectionis and restless even though she look so flimsy -_-

Shes not really honest with her words and act, this point literaly can be good or bad. IMO she had a good sense of humor, she is the one who always laugh at your joke.
Her best quality were : Humorous, free, tempting and less drama.
If you want to be friend with her : treat her like you want to be treated.


Shes also the one who people didnt really want to mess up with, every single words she said is just true, so ~ betraying her opinion is a tugh job, Shes a good leader even thought shes not our leader, shes somehow profesional, shes kinda bossy and selfish, maybe because shes perfectionis and she would also force her partner to be perfect so it couldnt ruin the work(?) *i tould you, shes a good leader-_-*
I envy her charm to be a leader, Shes also hot headed, she hate when someone messing up with her plans, actually i dont know her that much, is just my opinion depends on what i see, what i feel, and what i thought, and this could be tottaly wrong, i dont know its almost unnoticable but from what i see shes silently observing our personality, shes rarely shocked at something bcuz she had allready imagine what is going to happen next.
Our relation are simply just classmate, i cant bare with her personality and also her’s with mine, vica verca -_- but i respect her mindset, and also i envy her passion and braveness.
The good things when you are friend with her : You will be protected and save.
How to be friend with her : Be brave, never break promise, take the responsibility, be yourself and dont be so dramatic.


Shes so bubbly, pure, sometime careless -_- kinda child like, shes  ‘choding’ reminds me of snsd Yoona’s personality, and shes kinda unfeminim haha
Her mood changes so fast (just like mine),
Sometimes she could be the happiest person among us, but a few minutes later she could change into someone who is depresed and fragile, and those kind of stuff usualy happen without any reasonable fact

Shes allready smart without even trying to be smart, i want to break this phrase “Tong kosong berbunyi nyaring.” into “Tong penuh juga bisa berbunyi nyaring.” Shes talkative btw.
Shes friendly, she can be friend with everybody but i guess not even one of them are her bestfriend, i know she tend to be friendly to everyone but shes picky when its come to considering someone as bestfriend.
How to be friend with her : idk, maybe everyone can be friend with her -_-
How to be her bestfriend : You need to be at least as smart as hers, open minded, have a good sense of humor, hear everything she said, dont be arrogant, understanding, be yourself point plus if you are wise. Even thought you are her bestfriend, you cant force her to be with you every freakin time, set her free is the best way, bcuz being free is everything for her *yo ra net?*

– Amar Ma’rufiah
Okay ~~~
this one, you can call her Amar even tought she want to be called Rufi, nope Amar is Amar ~ who the hell is Rufi hahaha *evil laugh, shes our maknae (the youngest) she was born on June 2000 but her feature appereance look so much older than her age, around 162cms thats quite tall for us -_-, about her personality shes also bubbly, shes pure but not innocent for sure, shes competitive but her competitiveness(:) still below Eka, FYI Eka and Amar is deskmate.
How can this two be a deskmate >.<
Shes lovable, cute and kind hearted, she hates discrimination, she hates arrogant people, shes A type, a bit perfectionist, she lie sometimes but you will never ever know that she have been lying (except me haha *wtf*) did you know Gemini is a good liar (we are both gemini)
The best things when you are friend with her : She will help you in every strugle you have been suffer (except for exam and school) shes funny not as funny as Risa for sure but shes still considered as funny, they are funny in a different way, shes also good listener.
How to be friend with her : Dont be arrogant (she hate it,as hate as hell) dont be too shy, listen to her words, have a good sense of humor, dont make fun of people appereance, dont be selfish, be honest but if you know that shes lying dont spread it, keep it yourself.


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